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We understand the importance of education and are committed to helping the military child in their pursuit of higher education. Each year the contributions toward our Scholarship Program have increased. This year, four military children will receive $5,000 each for higher education. Our Trinity University Scholarship will also include $3,420 for one student.


The note below is from Isabella Miller, one of our 2020 Scholarship recipients:

I am writing to thank your organization for awarding me the 2020 MCCF scholarship. I was so happy and appreciative to find out I was chosen as one of the recipients last spring!

I have been at Cornell University for a couple weeks now, and have just finished my first week of school. I intend to major in computer science and double minor in applied mathematics and operations research & management science. I am taking 19 credits this semester and I have enjoyed my classes so far. My Introduction to Computing Using Python and my Multivariable Calculus for Engineers professors are amazing, and I look forward to enjoying the rest of the semester learning from them. I am also in a Writing in Mathematics course that I find particularly interesting; surprising, because I have never enjoyed English or writing classes in the past.

By awarding me this scholarship, the Military-Civilian Charitable Foundation has helped me cover costs of transportation to the school, as well as room and board costs. Without having to worry so much about paying for housing, I can instead use my time to study hard, while still having fun from time to time (as much as this pandemic allows). Thank you again for supporting my educational pursuits at Cornell.


Isabella Miller