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We understand the importance of education and are committed to helping the military child in their pursuit of higher education. Each year the contributions toward our Scholarship Program have increased. This year, four military children will receive $5,000 each for higher education. Our Trinity University Scholarship will also include $3,420 for one student.


The acceptance speech from one of our recipients, 8 May 2017:  Kayleigh Barnhart

“Growing up a military child, I knew that my college choices may be limited by my family’s finances. I always wanted to attend a small private school on a traditional campus, but I figured I would never have that option. I spent over five years of my life in Colorado while my father was stationed at Fort Carson, and during my high school years in San Antonio, I dreamed of returning to the mountains. This year I was accepted into five schools, and I narrowed my choices down to two: SMU in Dallas, and the University of Denver. I was offered a great financial aid package by both institutions, but neither of them will cover my entire financial need. With an unmet need of $14,000, I have to find ways to pay the difference. Receiving this scholarship significantly reduces the financial burden my parents and I will have to carry this year. Attending the school of my dreams is finally a reality thanks to your generous support. I have committed to the University of Denver, and I was also accepted into their Social Justice Living and Learning Community. I will major in Women and Gender Studies, and I hope to go on to law school. I am very excited to begin the journey of pursuing my passion of defending the civil rights of those who are less fortunate and who have become disenfranchised citizens. Thanks to this award, my family and I can now breathe easier knowing that our unmet need is now more affordable. Thank you all so much for this financial award.”

Kayleigh Barnhart